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Saturday, 2 August 2014

War of the Worlds

All Quiet on

by Paul Cutting
(Paul has been to the club for the last few years)

I have been very interested in the novels of, H. G. Wells. In particular, War of the Worlds.
Being a famous wargamer himself, I thought it natural to re-visit this seminal classic.
Alien Dungeon have just released their version of this game. With the co-operation of 'Cavatore/Priestley/Baker', they have come up with the concept for this game which, if you read the famous book, will become apparent).
This is the second invasion. So things are similar but different, hence the green gas!!
Much is as the book, so you will find some familiar ground.

The gameplay will be most familiar to ' Flames of War' players, but with less rules! It is more involved than it looks, just like FoW, but it is a faster playing game with the funnest models I have seen in years!

Updated August 2014

No updates have been received since 2014.

Eve of War.

The Martians, version 2.

Steam tanks, nuff said.

Rough riders, to bring down the 'frute!'

Doughboys, the stout defenders!

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